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All-star Kids (アフタヌーン幼稚園クラス)
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16,000円 / 月(税込み)



時間 : 15:00~16:45




All-star Kids
3 to 6-years-old (1st year of kindergarten to 3rd year of kindergarten)

16,000 yen per month(tax included)

Ages : 1st year of kindergarten to 3rd year of kindergarten

Days : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Time : 3:00 - 4:45 PM

Size : Up to 11 children

Lesson Time : 1 hour and 45 minutes

Teachers : Two teachers

​All-Star Kids is an afterschool class specially-designed for children who attend kindergarten. It incorporates a balanced approach to teaching; textbooks are used to supplement a wide array of songs, dances, crafts, experiments and culture training and not the other way around. Students are able to enjoy a wide range of activities and games that give children the feeling of attending afterschool in Canada, and learn an international way of thinking through an English foundation.  

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