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11,000円 / 月(税込み)
English FUNdamentals (基本英会話クラス)



曜日・時間:火曜日・水曜日・木曜日        金曜日

      17時~、18時~、19時~        15時~、16時~、17時~、18時~、19時~

*18時台にも 保育園・幼稚園児のクラスありますが、現在満席となっています。










English FUNdamentals

3 years to 12 years old

10500 yen per month

Class Size: Up to 6 students

Class Length: 50 minutes

Days:    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                              Friday

Times:    5 PM, 6 PM and 7 PM                                               3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM ,6 PM and 7 PM

*We have available classes at 6 PM for kindergarten students. This class is currently full.

Currently, some classes are full and there is a waiting list. In particular, classes for grade 1, 2 and 3 students are full. Please contact us for details. 

Taught by: One native English teacher

English FUNdamentals is a 50 minute English course that employs the textbook Everybody Up! to build a foundation in English (the Beginner level course uses different textbooks.) We endeavour to improve the English ability of both students who have never taken English before and those who already have experience in the language. We provide a fun lesson by playing games and moving around our spacious classroom while using the textbook.

Make-Ups available!


If we receive notice of your absence up until one hour before the class starts, you are able to have a make-up lesson for your level. We allow up to 10 make-ups per year.

How Levels are Decided​

Our ideal for English FUNdamentals is not that the students learn English only from the teacher, but also from their peers in the same class. Listening and learning from other students is a valuable tool for language acquisition. As such, classes are determined based on a child’s age as well as skill.

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