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​Play in English (親子英会話クラス)


曜日・時間:木曜日 10:00〜 



生後6ヶ月頃から2歳頃まで お母さん・お父さんと一緒に受けるレッスン





7500円 / 月(税込)



1. ウォームアップ(約10分間)




2. モーニングサークル


"Hello" "How are you?"と一人一人に話しかけ、子供たちの話す機会を与えています。


3. 歌とダンス




4. 毎月のテーマの歌と工作

毎月のテーマに合わせた歌とダンスを行い、毎週違う工作を行います。(例:2月「家族・Love」 7月「宇宙」 9月「乗り物」等)



5. アクティビティとゲーム




6. 自由時間(約5分間)


​Play in English (親子英会話)

6 months to 2 1/2 years old

7500 yen per month

Class Size: Up to 10 pairs of kids and guardians        

Taught by: Two English teachers
Class Length: 60 minutes

Days:  Thursdays at 10:00 

We provide very young children with a safe and relaxed environment that gives them exposure to natural English with a guardian guiding them. We do a variety of simple activities and songs that get kids involved. Parents can learn something new as well, and can practice at home with their child.

*Make-up classes are not available for students enrolled in Play in English.

*Fees for this class include only the enrollment fee and monthly tuition; students in this class do not pay a materials or maintenance fee.

Our general class flow is as follows:

Warm Up Time(About 10 minutes)

10 minutes of free play while children adjust to the classroom, where parents can talk freely to each other and teachers.

Morning Circle

Circle Time where we say "Hello." to each child, and give them an opportunity to speak to teachers.

Routine Songs

We focus on the weather, days of the week, and the ABC's, and give children a chance to interact and speak using our large weather chart.

Monthly Theme Songs & Craft

We choose songs and crafts each month based on our theme. Kids love crafts, so we can get even shy kids to speak during craft time :)
Examples of our monthly themes are: March "Spring", July "Space", and September "Vehicles".



We do simple activities each lesson that aim to let the kids experience English naturally.

Free Time(About 5 minutes)

Please feel free to talk with teachers about your child's progress, any English-related questions, cultural questions, or anything at all

during the free play times :)

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