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You can find all of the songs and videos we use on our Youtube Channel to listen to at home~ 
We post information regarding our events and provide a detailed look about what we are up to with plenty of pictures :)
日本であまりできない唯一のアクティビティに対しての道具として英語の価値を子供に教えるためにトーニはオーストラリアに旅行しました。 オーストラリアは英語を喋る国だから、自分で体験しないと気づけない価値がある唯一の特徴がたくさんあります。このビデオを見ることで子供に英語の勉強のやる気を盛り上げて、いつか自分で国際冒険に出てくれることを希望します。リンクはこちらです
In an effort to help children see the value of English as a tool for travelling and doing unique activities that can't really be done in Japan Tony traveled to Australia. Australia is an English speaking country, and has many valuable, unique facets about it that can only be experienced firsthand. By giving a taste of that experience, we hope to encourage children to endeavour further in their English studies so that one day they can seek their own international adventures. Click here to see!
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